Bring more quality protein that is accessible to more families in the world.


Leader in business transformation
of beef in the world.

Leader in business transformation
of beef in the world.



SuKarne's strength, pride and support is her human talent. A team made up of more than 14 thousand collaborators that trigger the growth of the company.

As its most important asset, it focuses on a work culture that fosters the personal and professional development and growth of employees.



SuKarne is a proudly Mexican company, dedicated to the production and commercialization of quality animal protein, with a presence in four continents and more than 13 countries.



Founded in 1969, SuKarne began as a small family business dedicated to cattle fattening in the city of Culiacán, Sinaloa by the marriage of Isabel Vizcarra and María Calderón.

Since its inception, effort, work and simplicity have been present in its culture and it was these values that made it become a leading company in the world meat industry market in a short time.

Through a unique business model, they have broken paradigms in the meat business, always with their firm objectives: to bring more quality animal protein to more families in the world, to benefit agricultural and livestock producers, micro-business clients and consumers from their chain of value, as well as its more than 13 thousand collaborators in Mexico, Central America and the United States.


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