Salud Digna

La salud es para todos.

Salud Digna

It is a Private Assistance Institution focused on timely diagnosis, which under the motto Health is for everyone and through units arranged at the national level, helps to improve the quality of life of people through the prevention and detection of chronic-degenerative diseases such as cancer and diabetes, as well as cardiovascular diseases, through world-class diagnostic studies and at disruptively low prices.


Contribute together with doctors, health professionals, employees and volunteers so that people have a better quality of life through the prevention and timely detection of diseases, offering our community first quality and low cost diagnostic studies in health, being self-sustaining in our operation.


To be a transparent institution with high standards of quality and efficiency, which brings the benefits of the Salud Digna social model to the largest possible number of people in the world.

  • Quality and Warmth
  • Dignity and Respect
  • Honesty and Transparency
  • Co-responsibility
  • Modesty
Beneficiary Information
  • 6.5 million Mexicans were treated in 56 clinics in the country, also having two opticians in the city of L.A., California.
  • It is the public or private organization that provides the most lenses to Mexicans, exceeding one million lenses in the year.
  • It has the only ophthalmic laboratory accredited with the ISO 9000 standard in Mexico, in addition to 40 of our beveling centers located in our clinics.
  • Approved by the FDA for the export of lenses to the United States.
  • It has the fastest lens delivery time in the country: 45 minutes.
  • We perform 1.7 million ultrasound studies.
  • During 2015, 10% of breast cancer diagnoses in Mexico had their point of origin in a mammogram performed by the institution.
  • It is the entity that performs the most bone densitometry studies in the world in 2015.
  • The only entity to process microbiology with 100% automated methods in Latin America.
Recognitions and Certificates