Requirements for suppliers

If you are interested in being a SuKarne supplier, you must meet the following minimum requirements:

Requirements to be a SuKarne supplier


There may be more requirements depending on the good or service you offer.

If you agree and meet these requirements, you must process your SuKarne Supplier Code through our purchasing area, this code will identify you as a supplier of SuKarne and its affiliated companies, for the assignment of orders for buys. It will also help you access the electronic invoice validation portal, where you can upload the XML and PDF files, as well as check the invoices that we have paid you.

To request your SuKarne Supplier Code, you must send your service proposal by email to the following address . Once the application has been evaluated, if it is accepted, we will ask you for the following requirements.

Requirements to request the SuKarne supplier code

To request your supplier code, you must provide a legible copy of the following documents:


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