The SuKarne corporation has 3 sister companies as subsidiaries:


Market Leaders in Bovine Leather in Mexico

Our Company specializes in the production and marketing of animal hides. Since 1972, SuKuero has become the leading company in the market sector. Strict standards ensure quality and cleanliness of cow hides, thus providing the highest quality in the tanning industry.

SuKuero's quality relies on a slaughter quality program implemented by Grupo Viz.

Regulated by strict international standards that guarantee the quality and cleanliness (and purity) of our products.


ProBio is the country's largest producer of earthworm humus with an installed annual capacity of more than 60 thousand tons of granular humus. We also produce and sell liquid humus and compos.

ProBio was the first established in the state of Sinaloa, and has produced and marketed vermicompost since 2003. In 2007, ProBio expanded into the farming business.

Currenty, we market our products in the major agricultural regions of the country: from Oaxaca to Baja California.

We market out products in major agricultural regions of the Republic: from Oaxaca to Baja California.


Renpro was formed as a company in 1984, founded as part of Viz Group with the goal of offering excellent quality in meat byproducts.

Caring for the environment is fundamental to Renpro, and as such contributes by participating in the reuse of products that affect our environment.

Our commintment is to increase our customers' confidence in meeting the established standards in quality control, and develop good partnerships with those responsible for regularly improving the production processes of meal and suet (grease or tallow).