Beef Business Model A unique patter of production and supply of meat

In 2012, SuKarne sold 379,000 tons of meat, which came to the ultimate consumer through over 40,000 points of sale and consumption is in 4 continents.


515.000 cattle permanently in supply allowing production of 1.005 million head of cattle per year.

1,306,000 head of cattle processed at federal facilities inspected.


120.000 ranchers and farmers provided livestock and agricultural products.

Cattle Feed

1,400,000 tons of cattle feed produced.


4 Integrated Meat Production Unit.

Complete Beef Production Unit

Diagrama de Producción de Carne de Res

Purchase of cattle and feed

A highly competitive system allows SuKarne to maintain a consistent year-end inventory of over 500,000 head of cattle in their lots, raised on quality grain and hay, processed in SuKarne’s Integrated Meat Production Unit.


The four TIF plants (federally inspected plants in Mexico), are also certified by international health agencies.

Process and Packaging

Top quality processes, value-added highly efficient, productive and sanitary facilities.


National and international distribution network with global allies.

8,400 partners | 169 suppliers

24 cattle purchase stations planned for 2014