SuKarne, a company with an innovative approach : USDA

SuKarne, a company with an innovative approach : USDA

Daniel K. Berman’s views, Minister of Agriculture, Counselor of the Department of Agriculture in the United States.

General Escobedo, Nuevo Leon. - " I’ve never been more impressed by the vision, mentality and the innovative approach of a company as I was with Sukarne, even compared to companies operating in the United States," assured Daniel K. Berman , Minister Counselor of the United States Agriculture Department (USDA by its acronym in English), from the U.S. Embassy in Mexico.

The Proof, said former U.S. official , is the recently obtained certification program of the Verified Processes in order to Export was granted by the USDA, this converts SuKarne into a worldwide pioneer which is set in quality standards, outside of the United States.

Daniel K. Berman carried out a courtesy visit to the TIF 105 Plant in Escobedo, Nuevo Leon accompanied by Eduardo Lozano and Heriberto Lugo, officials of the Foreign Office of Agricultural Services (FAS / ATO) in Monterrey , the objective was to get to know the facilities, the process and particularly the products exported by SuKarne and the potential of its market’s objective in the United States;  Like the supplies that are imported from that country and which are promoted by the USDA in Mexico .

Our guests were met by the Director of Business Development, Efraín Reséndiz Patiño and by the Director of Communications and Corporate Affairs, Raúl Carrillo Castaños who presented each one of the phases of the integrated production model, based with productivity, quality, and leadership which converts SuKarne into the leading global Mexican market of animal protein and into the 5th most important beef fattening company in North America.

During a work meeting, the U.S. official also expressed that it’s not easy to find companies with SuKarne’s vision which is no doubt aligned to the one President Barack Obama establishments towards this sector, whoever said the relationship between producers of both nations should be based on partnership than solely of client providers, that’s why “It’s not easy to find companies with the same marketing view," he restated.

“What is extremely clear to me,” manifested the Counselor Minister of USDA, is that to the government of the United States SuKarne will play an important role in order to achieve economic integration in short-term time, amongst the countries of North America which will increase the exporting opportunities of the trade block and the safety of food, amongst the integrated countries of the North America Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA).

Minister Berman manifested seeing SuKarne as a conversational partner that shares the global meat business and invited us to take advantage of their experience, the infrastructure and the programs that the USDA offices offer in Mexico at the international level.

Regarding this, The Engineer Ephraim Reséndiz also added that to SuKarne, all the oriented effort towards the major integration of the members of NAFTA in the food processing sector, will allow a better progress of this activity, boosting productivity and bettering the quality of life in the rural Mexican sector, making it a more attractive market.



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