SuKarne Principles


Always work in the "How to" achieve what you set out and avoid being defeated by the "Cannots".


Today is the day. Act now, with solutions "here and now", with the resources you have.


Work anticipating which actions you'll have to take next.


Think of others, put yourself in their shoes, so as to be able to meet their true needs.


Understanding that hearing is not listening, and listening to others and not only our own opinions, is key to successfully identifying the task accurately, the problem or area of opportunity.


Identifying problems should result in taking actions not making excuses. Some parts of a problem are solved easier than others. Break them down and solve them form the root cause, and not the consequences.


Know and live what you want to change and then change it. This way creativity and innovation can really be effective.


Make decisions, act and adjust on time. Find a solution, no-flaw mindset from the start.


A task ends when the person it is intended for receives it, and their requirements and needs are completely satisfied.