Fundación Vizcarra

We are nonprofit organization in operation since 1969 and formally established as a foundation in January of 2013, embracing the actions, programs and institutions that the Vizcarra Family has been promoting and building, initially with the Sinaloa community and the expanding at national and international levels.

Our work is geared to promote programs for addiction & substance abuse, health, and human development.


To launch the development of innovative projects that help improve the quality of life for as many people as possible.


To be one of the foundations with the most impact in the improvement of the quality of life of the Mexican population, creating strong partnerships that innovate models to achieve this goal.


  1. 1. Happines
  2. 6. Prevention
  3. 10. Opportunity
  4. 2. Respect
  5. 7. (Community) Participation
  6. 11. Collaboration
  7. 3. Hope
  8. 8. Efficient use of resources
  9. 12. Quality of Life
  10. 4. Dignity
  11. 9. Family
  12. 13. Dialogue
  13. 5. Sustainability

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